Our Philosophy

"Sweet Vibes will be more than a bakery or a coffee shop. It’ll be its own spirit!!"

My Vision

  My goal for Sweet Vibes is to open a store front bakery coffee shop in Babcock Ranch, FL where I sell artistic cakes, sweet treats, and coffee, as well as host educational, mindful, and fun events.  It'll even have an area for kids to play in a safe environment where I bring the outdoors in. This means, parents can sip on their coffee, and eat their treats, WHILE it is still HOT, and RELAX around great company!  (WHAAAAA! Is this a real thing?)  For now, I am selling custom cakes from scratch, all the way down to the sprinkle, and will be adding onto the menu, as time progresses.

My vision of Sweet Vibes is just an awesome and innate place to be!  If you can picture a greater sense of community where everyone gets together in a really cool, peaceful environment, while eating cake and sweet buns, laughing and having a great time, then you are picturing Sweet Vibes!!!  Truly though, Sweet Vibes will be more than a bakery or a coffee shop. It’ll be its own spirit!!  

Please visit my Blog to learn more about myself, my vision, and to come along with me for the ride!  Also, feel free to check out our upcoming Events, as we raise funds these next 2 years to keep our vision alive in becoming a store front.  Thank you all for the loving support, and in advance for any contributions big or small.

Much love, 

Janette Dulaney

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Sweet Vibes

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